Boschveldt Events
W3BQC FD SignSAT AntennasSAT Antenna ControllerSAT ANt SwitchesWB3GCK Hard at It!WA3WSJ's BedWA8YIH OpWB3GCK OpK3YTR OpNK1N OpWA8YIH with a Moscov Mule!Fd SiteK3YTR Relax!FDWA8YIH Burger CookNK1NWA3WSJ FD
Boschveldt QRP FD 2017- Great Weekend!
Boschveldt QRP Summer Gathering Colonel Denning SP, PA July 20-23, 2017
W3BQC CampsiteCamp StreamK3YTR in CampPark Ranger in CampKB3SBC Camp Cook Breakfast SaturdayKB3SBC Saturday DinnerKB3SBC Camp OpKB3SBC OpKB3SBC Truck Camp OpNK1N Dinner TimeNK1N CampfireNK1N Camp OpEmily, KB3VVE KX3 Camp OpKB3VVE & KC3FVNCamp OpsNK1N using WA3WSJ's KX2 in CampCamp Cookies via Emily!KB3SBC & NK1N Trail BoardwalkKB3SBC Cell JunkieShelter on way up!KB3SBC @ Flat Rock OverlookKB3SBC Flat Rock Trail OverlookSunday Breakfast from KB3SBC
“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity”
― John Muir, Our National Parks
Boschveldt QRP Waterfalls Splash - Ricketts Glen SP, PA July 30 - Aug. 1st, 2017
WA8YIH Lunch Time!WA8YIH as KB3SBC helps with KX3Mohawk Falls 37'Oneida Falls 13'Oneida Falls WA8YIHGanoga Falls WA8YIH & KB3SBCR B Ricketts Falls Ops on TopKB3SBC Ozone FallsOzone FallsHuron FallsWA8YIH Trail StopWA3WSJ HammockKB3SBC Operating KX3KB3SBC Rock Squeeze
MOC SignMOC 2018 OpsBlueberry Hill Lodge Main RoomFireplace PotsFP Fix KB3SBC KA3RMMFireplace Fix KB3SBC NK1NK3YTR Donates TunerK3YTR Waffles!KB3SBC WafflesKB3SBC& KA3RMMWafflesNK1N Waffle TimeNU3E Waffle MakerWA8YIH Breakfast CookKB3SBC SolderingNK1N MOC OpWB3GCK Doughnut TimeWB3GCK Relaxing!WA8YIH - Wherer did he get those pants?Wa8YIH Fireplace in His Glory!High Point MonumentLake Near High Point Monument - Frigid!NK1N SAT Station NK1N SAT Antennas
Boschveldt QRP MOC 2018 - January 12-14, 2018
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BreakfastIcecreamKB3SBC CheesecakeKB3SOM CMP SundaeKB3SBC CookKB3SOM Buddie AntennaKB3SBC FT8 KB3SOm & KB3SBC IcecreamKB3SBC Yurt OpKB3SOM Radios WA3WSJ Alpha QRP LoopYurt HomeYurt BedsYurt KitchenWA3WSJ Porch Op Position
Boschveldt Tuscarora SP - June 4-6, 2018
Boschveldt QRP FD 2018- Great Weekend!
K3YTR CamperK3YTR 817 with External DisplayNK1N SAT Station SetupNK1N SAT Man AKA BagmanSAT preamps & rotor controlSAT AntennasWB3GCK - All Good!WA8YIH under Tarp StationWA8YIH RadiosWA8YIH TarpWA8YIH Battery PowerW3BQC Sunday Lunch
Boschveldt QRP POTA PA/MD/WV Sprint
Boschveldt QRP FOBB 2018 Sprint
Water resevoirpath across waterUp mtnRed trail up mtnThru HikerSignView awesome!snake warningAT Thru Hikers
Boschveldt QRP Club MOC 2019
Boschveldt QRP Club Trail Magic June 4, 2019
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Boschveldt QRP FD 2019- Great Weekend!
K3YTR CamperK3YTR Camper BackK3YTR CampfireK3YTR VHF-UHF StationPeepHatBlue Moom BeerWA3WSJ 20 CW StationWB3GCK 40m-80m CW StationWB3CGK Break Time!