W3BQC Peter's Mountain Hike
April 27 - 28, 2019
The Boschveldt QRP Club started the 2019 Hiking Season by hiking in to the Peter's Mountain Shelter above Harrisburg, PA in April.  The plan was to meet at 3Bs Ice cream for lunch and then hike the three miles to the shelter and play radio etc. We then would spend the night and hike out to 3Bs for lunch on Sunday.

The following planned to hike:
Old Peter's Mountain Shelter
KB3SBC-K3YTR-NK1N Hike StartNK1N on RockKB3SBC Joking aroundNK1N Table RockTable Rock All minus WA3WSJKB3SBC HammockPeter's Mtn ShelterOuthouseDenmark Hiker-  MartenWA8YIH at Shelter
Peter's Mountain AT Hike In
Peter's Mountain AT Hike Out
EMS & Tru HikerEMS LogoChainsaw Crew MemberEMS working on K3YTREMS Working on K3YTREMS & K3YTRATV Pickup Going In to K3YTRResue ATVsResue ATV Crew2Resue VehiclesNK1N & Hams after Resue3B FeastWC3R with Ice Cream Cone
On the hike out to the road Ed, K3YTR developed medical problems.  Walt, KB3SBC called for help after we carried him and his gear out for over 1.5 miles. After that all had enough so KB3SBC called for help. The paramedics hiked in to K3YTR and were the first to arrive on the AT. They tried and failed to get a small ATV to us so they called a chainsaw gang to open up the trail. This gave the ATV crews only around an additional half mile for the ATVs.  In the end they had to carry Ed, K3YTR  about a half of a mile to place him on an ATV! 

Ed, K3YTR ended up in the hospital and stayed the night and left the next day for home. The EMS and all the people involved in this recue did a fantastic job extracting K3YTR from a very difficult location on the AT - THAN YOU VERY MUCH!