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Lyme Disease is soaring in the US and has spread so fast that its epidemic in nature. Guess where ground zero is located in the US?  Yes, right here in Pennsylavania.
Pennsylvania has led the nation in confirmed cases of Lyme disease for three straight years and for the first time deer ticks have been found in each of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties. No other state in the US even comes close to PA with the number of "reported" lyme cases!

As you can see, since 2005, the number of confirmed lyme cases in PA has increased by 58%.  If you operate in PA, take Permethrin for ticks and Deet for other bugs with you! I cover clothing with Permethrin and spray with Deet at camp for biting critters.

The chart below is comfirmed Lyme cases in PA per year.
2005:  4287                                                           
2006:  3242
2007: 3994
2008:  3818
2009:  4950
2010:  3298
2011:  4739
2012:  4146
2013: 4981
2014:  6470
2015:  7351


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