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January 18th - January 20th, 2019
Tentative MOC 2019 Op List
K3YTR, Ed - Friday Dinner
NK1N, Glen
WA3WSJ, Ed, Saturday breakfast
KB3SBC, Walt
WA8YIH, Ron, Tofu Friday Night Special
WB3GCK, Craig
NU3E, John - Sunday Breakfast
K3BVQ, Ed, Friday dinner baked beans

Mohican Outdoor Center 2018 Operators
Life is Short - So Enjoy!
MOC 2019 Schedule
1/18: Check-in after 1pm, setup radio stuff, operate, dinner 7pm
1/19: Saturday omelette breakfast by WA3WSJ, trip to operate at Highpoint SP, dinner in town
1/20: Waffles, strawberries and cream breakfast by NU3E

MOC 2018 Breakfast of Champions!
Email K3YTR to attend this event.
Polar Bear Moonlight Madness Event @ MOC 2019

January 18- 20, 2019